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Catch a Pig 5K + Bacon Stroll

Welcome to the 6th annual Catch a Pig (CAP) 5K – this is a great opportunity to have a unique race experience AND support The Boys & Girls Club of Harford County!

The race is an out-and-back along the MA & PA Trail.  1K Bacon Stroll walkers are invited to join in the fun!

The kicker: THIS IS A CHASE!  We’ll have young runners dressed in pink pig shirts (a.k.a. “the piglets”).  They will have a few minutes head start on the pack.  Those who pass at least one of the piglets before crossing the finish line get their name into a special drawing for prizes.  BUT LOOK OUT!  There are also a few BIG, BAD WOLVES who will get a late jump on you.  If they all pass you, you’ll lose the opportunity for the special drawing.

Prizes will be distributed as such: After the top 3 mens and womens finishers, names will be pulled from all others who passed at least one piglet and were not passed by all the wolves.  They will get to choose what prize they want in the order their names were drawn.  When at least 5 prizes are left we will continue to draw names from all the remaining cards, and participants (walkers included) will choose the prize they want until we run out of prizes.

Medals will be given to the top 3 male, female and pig finishers.  All Bacon Stroll walkers will receive a commemorative Bacon Button.

For a small fee get the official CAP technical t-shirt!  We’re offering a technical shirt with our Catch a Pig 5K logo.  Let people know you ain’t afraid of no swine!  Wear it proudly to the BBQ Bash August 10 & 11.  Those who do and visit the Boys & Girls table will have the opportunity at an extra prize.

All proceeds after costs will go to the Boys & Girls Club of Harford County.

IF YOU ARE UNDER 13 AND WANT TO BE ONE OF OUR PIGLETS: We are accepting runners aged under the age of 13 to take off first.  These young ones get a FREE pig t-shirt and are also entered into the drawing.


THIS YEAR – the Doggone Chasin’ a Pig 5k.  Yes, your dog can run with you this year!! Dogs must be registered (just $10) and on a leash.